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CHSS Workshop Series Grants

The Cooperative for the Humanities and Social Sciences’ Workshop Series Grants are supported by generous donors and the College of Arts and Sciences.  These grants offer funding for faculty and graduate students to create a series of workshops for reading, writing, and discussion of a particular theme across disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.


During the Spring Semester of 2022, CHSS supported four Workshop Series Grants. These workshop events presented new pedagogical and research ideas within A&S and across other UK Colleges as well. Below, we spotlight each series of workshops. We would like to thank our donors and everyone who participated in these workshops, and to congratulate those who planned and executed these innovative events.


LEXINGTON, Ky. —  A new initiative led by the Interdisciplinary Program in Jewish Studies in the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Kentucky features a collaboration with educators from across the Commonwealth to enhance K-12 Holocaust education and provide professional learning and teaching tools to meet the requirements of the 2018 Ann Klein and Fred Gross Holocaust Education Act.   Funded by a grant from the Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence, the UK Holocaust Education Initiative will create a network of teachers who will include Holocaust curricula in their classrooms. The initiative will create opportunities for interdisciplinary content sharing, pedagogical training and collaborative planning.   Through an extremely competitive process, the steering committee chose 20 teachers to lead this initiative:   Jill Armstrong,
CHSS Announces Mission: Humanities Event  CHSS Partners with Kentucky Humanities For Their 50th Anniversary 

LEXINGTON, Ky (March 26th, 2022) - On October 13th, 2022, Kentucky Humanities will be closing its year-long 50th anniversary celebration with the Mission: Humanities event co sponsored by the University of Kentucky’s Cooperative for the Humanities and Social Sciences  (CHSS) and Space Tango. The event features former astronaut, Dr. Story Musgrave, and co founder and chairman of Space Tango, Kris Kimel, in a conversation discussing Dr. Musgrave’s  career and life experiences as well as the trajectory of the

CHSS to Hold Panel Discussion on Vaccine Hesitancy, Political Polarization By Bess Linder and Lindsey Piercy 

Link to video recording of the event:




Conact: Karen Petrone


  CHSS Holds Event on Vaccine Hestinacy and Political Polarization CHSS shedding light on important topics within the Lexington community

By Kody Kiser and Jenny Wells-Hosley

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Feb. 14, 2022) — In the fall of 2020, the University of Kentucky announced plans to establish the Commonwealth Institute for Black Studies (CIBS) — a multidisciplinary program designed to highlight UK’s growing research around issues of race and racism.

The interdisciplinary institute establishes research clusters across the campus and promotes the university’s growing research and scholarship on topics of importance in African history and African American history, such as slavery and the quest for freedom, racial discrimination and violence, and the long struggle for civil rights.

This year, the university announced continued annual funding of $200,000

CHSS is happy to announce its first-ever round of grant awards. Four awardees are recipients of the Faculty Manuscript Book Workshop! The Faculty Manuscript Book Workshops are an opportunity for generating constructive, informed criticism on near-final book manuscripts, when authors can most effectively utilize such feedback. An expert in the awardee’s field will be invited to present their thoughts on the manuscript, followed by a response from the author and discussion with a broader group of invited faculty.    And the winners are:     Eladio Bobadilla Eladio Bobadilla is a tenure-track Assistant Professor of History. His tenure book is “Without Borders: A History of the Immigrants’ Rights Movement.” The manuscript is a part of the Working Class in

By Julie Wrinn

Madeline Imler is a double major in history and anthropology who plans to pursue graduate work in history.

While online education has existed for some time, not until Covid-19 did anyone realize that online internships made sense. The whole point of an internship is to exit the classroom and experience real-world environments, working side-by-side with people in your field of interest. But with so many of those real-world environments also operating remotely during Covid, suddenly the idea of a remote internship didn’t seem so peculiar.

Madeline Imler (B.A. in History and Anthropology, May 2022) can now attest to the value of such an internship. A graduate of Assumption High School in Louisville, Madeline served as an intern in fall 2020 for the UK Cooperative for the Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS). Inaugurated in 2020 and led by former

By Lindsey Piercy May 24, 2021

LEXINGTON, Ky. (May 24, 2021) — It's a question that is critical to families and communities across the Commonwealth — how do we tackle the opioid epidemic?

The University of Kentucky is helping to organize and host the second annual Edward Kremers Seminar in the History of Pharmacy & Drugs in hopes of continuing the conversation surrounding addiction and recovery.

The 2021 “Kreminar” will feature virtual seminars about the history and contemporary status of opiates, opioids and addiction.

“The Cooperative for the Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) is pleased to co-sponsor these events because it is important

Greetings, Everyone!

            Please join us for CHSS’s last webinar of the year,  “Gender and Anti-Asian Hate in America: A Conversation Around the Atlanta Shootings.” This webinar is led by Dr. Akiko Takenaka, Tosha Larson, and Charlene Buckles, and is co-sponsored by the UK College of Arts and Sciences Diversity and Inclusion Committee. It brings the worlds of higher education and activism together as our nation tries to digest the disturbing and tragic trend of anti-Asian prejudice and violence.

            In a country with a long history of both anti-Asian discrimination and misogyny, anti-Asian sentiment has shown marked increases in the past year, with inflammatory political language targeting Chinese people due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Frequencies of hate crimes

Hello Everyone!

I am very excited to introduce our fabulous news team for Spring 2021! These two have done a wonderful job in expanding the reach of CHSS online. Both have unique skills that they have brought to the Cooperative and used to promote the CHSS image, ideals, and programs. They have built the CHSS social media and webpage presence from the ground up. Please check out our link below to meet the News Team!


Please visit

Greetings, Everyone!

We are excited to announce that the Cooperative for the Humanities and Social Sciences has been assisting the city of Lexington in its Lex Do This! campaign to educate the public about COVID-19 vaccines and encourage vaccination.

            Since February, The Lex Do This! campaign has been bringing together community organizations such as churches, advocacy groups, media companies, and marketing teams in an effort to support the ongoing vaccination process in Lexington. The goal of the campaign is to make knowledge about the vaccines freely available by advertising eligibility updates, locations of distribution sites, and safety information.

            CHSS is taking on a role in the campaign by working with Kip Cornett, founder

Greetings, Everyone!

     On Friday, March 19th, the members of The Cooperative for the Humanities and Social Sciences partnered with the Proposal Development Office to host a webinar, Making the Grant Cycle Work for You: Applying for ACLS, Guggenheim, NEH and Residential Grants in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

            Dr. Karen Petrone, Director of CHSS, and Dr. Krystle Sweda, Proposal Development Officer of the PDO welcomed Dr. Craig Koslofsky, professor and Faculty Grant Advisor with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Illinois. Dr. Koslofsky shared his extensive experience of the application process for research grants in the humanities and social sciences through a presentation structured around lessons from his own career and findings from his current

Greetings, Everyone!

     The members of The Cooperative for the Humanities and Social Sciences are excited to partner with the UK Center for Clinical and Translational Science in hosting the upcoming annual 2021 CCTS Spring Research Conference!

     The Spring Research Conference, held virtually this year, is an interdisciplinary conference “focused on celebrating research efforts, sharing research findings, disseminating best practices, enhancing collaborations, and mentoring the upcoming generation of clinical and translational researchers.” It will offer a wide array of events and activities over two days, April 7th and 8th, that will bring together scholars and community leaders from varied backgrounds and fields to advance the progress of clinical research.

      A Keynote Panel, with renowned author John M

Greetings All!

     The members of The Cooperative for the Humanities and Social Sciences are both excited and honored to host an upcoming Zoom webinar, "Universities, Youths, Race, and Policing."

     The panel brings together four speakers with diverse experiences in an array of fields and studies in order to explore the bearing of race on campus policing. Rebecca Ballard DiLoreto, attorney and Executive Director of the Institute for Compassion in Justice Externship; Dr. Dwayne Mack, Professor of History and Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Berea College; Dr. Marro Inoue, Associate Professor of Japan Studies and Faculty Director of the International Village LLP at the University of Kentucky; and Chief of Police Eric Scott of the Berea Police Department will all convene with us to discuss these topics during another