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Grant Opportunities

CHSS Workshop Series Grant Fall 2022/ Spring 2023


The Cooperative for the Humanities and Social Sciences is pleased to support two or three workshops during the Fall 2022/ Spring 2023 semester, each dedicated to reading, writing, and discussion on a particular theme. These workshops will include faculty members from at least two departments and be open to all interested graduate students. We encourage proposals that include broad interdisciplinary and community participation consistent with the CHSS mission. Each award is up to $1500, which can be spent on such expenses as an honorarium for a visiting speaker, any needed books and materials, and light refreshments at Workshop Series meetings.   


To apply please compile the items below into one file, and submit to by September 9, 2022. Awards will be announced in mid-September.

  1. A list of faculty and graduate student participants (participation from at least two different departments is required, and at least one of the faculty members must be from the College of Arts and Sciences) with a 3-5 sentence bio for each person. 
  2. A short proposal outlining the Workshop Series' design, purpose and goals: 250-500 words. 
  3. A budget proposal to show how up to $1500 will be spent. 
  4. Proposed timeline of Workshop Series meetings. 



Faculty Book Manuscript Workshops  -Fall 2022 

 Faculty Book Manuscript Workshops are an opportunity for generating constructive, informed criticism on near-final book manuscripts, when authors can most effectively utilize such feedback. The program allows faculty to invite an expert in their field to review the manuscript. The expert presents their thoughts on the manuscript, followed by a response from the author and discussion with a broader group of invited faculty. 

CHSS will provide an honorarium of $500 to each manuscript reviewer and anticipates making two or three awards.

To apply please compile the items below into one file, and submit to by September 9, 2022.   Successful applicants will be notified by mid-September.

  • CV
  • Brief description of the book, not exceeding 250 words, including a note on the current state of the manuscript.
  • Book proposal
  • Short statement, not exceeding 250 words, of any career related factors impacting this process, and why this process would be useful at this particular time; how this fits into career advancement plans.