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Works Published!


Publications that UK Faculty wrote during CHSS Writing Bursts and Writing Groups, or revised for publication with the help of CHSS “Works in Progress”  


Molly Blasing, Modern and Classical Languages

"Using Authentic Online Resources in Russian for STEM Coursework for Novice through Superior Level Learners," Russian Language Journal: Vol. 71 (2021): Iss. 2, Article 11. Available at:


Pearl James, English:

“Propaganda: Martialing Media,” in A History of American Literature and Culture of the First World War, ed. Tim Dayton and Mark Van Wienan (Cambridge University Press, 2021), 204-219.  


Carmen Moreno-Nuño and Heather Campbell-Speltz, Hispanic Studies

The Graphic Past: Comic and History in 21st-Century Spain. Edited by Elena Cueto, Carmen Moreno-Nuño and Heather Campbell-Speltz. Hispanic Issues On Line/HIOL, forthcoming.


Jennifer Osterhage, Biology; Katherine Rogers Carpenter, Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies

"Combatting Misinformation Through Science Communication Training," forthcoming in the high impact journal The American Biology Teacher, Volume 84 (2022), No. 7.


Karen Petrone, History:

“The 21st Century Memory of the Great Patriotic War in the ‘Russia – My History’ Museum,” in David Hoffmann, ed., The Memory of the Second World War in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia, Routledge, 2021, 340-360.


Pooja Sidney, Psychology:

With Julie F. Shirah, Lauren Zahrn, Clarissa A. Thompson, “Diagrams support spontaneous transfer across whole number and fraction concepts,” Contemporary Educational Psychology, 69 (2022) 102066