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Upcoming Webinar: Universities, Youth, Race, and Policing

Greetings All!

     The members of The Cooperative for the Humanities and Social Sciences are both excited and honored to host an upcoming Zoom webinar, "Universities, Youths, Race, and Policing."

     The panel brings together four speakers with diverse experiences in an array of fields and studies in order to explore the bearing of race on campus policing. Rebecca Ballard DiLoreto, attorney and Executive Director of the Institute for Compassion in Justice Externship; Dr. Dwayne Mack, Professor of History and Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Berea College; Dr. Marro Inoue, Associate Professor of Japan Studies and Faculty Director of the International Village LLP at the University of Kentucky; and Chief of Police Eric Scott of the Berea Police Department will all convene with us to discuss these topics during another critical moment for our nation's racial relations. In a series of 5-to-10-minute presentations and a successive forum, they will address the central question of, "How can we promote racial equality and social justice in youth and campus policing?"

     The nature of this event falls in close alignment with our Mission Statement and our goal of "promoting the contributions that [interdisciplinary] research and those producing it can make to the betterment of society." By putting voices from academia and the wider community into conversation with this webinar, we hope to build upon connections between campus police organizations and the students and faculty of our institutions of higher education. We strive to facilitate, inform, and inspire their work to improve and reform the racial equity of policing on and outside college campuses.

     We would love for anyone and everyone to join us for this invigorating and vitally important conversation. You can register for the event here, and provide us with your own questions to add to the discussion and give voice to your thoughts:


     The Cooperative for the Humanities and Social Sciences