Calendar - Cooperative for the Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS)

Leadership in a Time of Crisis

"Time has come; Let's make a move[ment]"

Writing for a Broad Public Audience Virtual Workshop (CHSS)

Mobilizing the Arts in a Crisis: The WPA's Lessons for Today

Looking Back and Looking Forward: The 2020 Elections, the Trump Insurrection, the New Administration, and the Future of America

Making the Grant Cycle Work for You: Applying for ACLS, Guggenheim, NEH and Residential Grants in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Universities, Youths, Race and Policing

2021 CCTS Spring Research Conference - Keynote Panel

Graduate Professional Development Workshops

Gender and Anti-Asian Hate in America: A Conversation Around the Atlanta Shootings of March 16, 2021

Introducing Environmental Humanities at the University of Kentucky and the Wider Community

The State of Education: A Conversation about Public Schooling, Critical Race Theory, and Political Polarization

Writing Fiction on Appalachian Culture: A Conversation with Authors Lee Mandelo and Ashley Blooms

Workshop “Mutual Aid: Building Solidarity During this Crisis and the Next”

Instagrammable Places: Aesthetic Representation and Contested Urban Transformation

Hybrid Workshop on Pop City

Working Group on War and Gender